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Swing Wing
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A Day To Remember - Homesick

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TDS, February 11, 2015

Jordan Klepper looks at the issue of sex education in schools

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and then, i’m gone.

by matialonsor

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Lmaooooooo damn I got no comeback

oh baby well i got one

music isn’t about had the world on their back. it’s about impact and how many young women did beyonce have put their naked make-upless face on the internet saying "i woke up like this….flawless" something that’s EXTREMELY hard for women to do in this generation seeing how everything is highlighted, contoured and concealed to the max. Even condemning the pressure of beauty in pretty hurts.

she opened up about her sexual identity and kinks to the world “slap me” “you aint right for doing it like that daddy” “can you taste my skittles its the sweetest in the middle”

even exposing the pain of jealousy and the heartbreak she felt after multiple miscarriages and lets not forget her song documenting the liberation of her mother via divorcing her lying cheating father and saying that you are something without a man and you can live without any toxic relationship holding you down.

not to mention her OWN recording company produced the album and she not only record a 14 song album without a second of them leaking but also made 18 music videos right in front of our faces without a single person knowing and you think that just because pharrell wrote a line here or sia edited a couple phrases that she doesn’t deserve the award?



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Chicago will always hold a special place in my heart

see you one day

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The Cosmos. The infinite universe and it’s mysteries, making us look so small and fragile.

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It’s amazing how the sky can change in a mere 10 minutes

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 glow in the light

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… by the way…

by Katharina Rhein

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Mesmerizingly beautiful

mostly nature
mostly nature
strictly nature
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